My name is Duenna and I love good food.

I am journalist by profession and a born again child of God. A mum to two amazing children, 6-year-old Yinhla (boy) and 1-year-old Nyeleti (girl). I’m also a wife of a wonderful husband, Muxe.


Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read. Please keep coming back.

In this space I will share my love for food and planning things, weddings mostly.

I was introduced to cooking in my teens (16, I think — gonna have to check with mama).

My father is a pastor and mama (ovbs) mam’fundisi.

During church conferences my mother made me help the ladies in the kitchen to prepare food for the masses.

As a PK (Pastor’s Kid) I was also expected to be on stage during services, I am killer backing vocalist. LOL I know am blowing my own vuvuzela, but yes. I learnt to juggle the two and was always present in both roles.

Fast forward to when I married my husband back in 2012.

My mother said I should be careful not to always put the same food on the table everyday. She’d tell me how I should steer away from making food the same way everyday. Sana, this is the same woman who does not even make pap the same way everyday. So I knew I had to up my game.

Pressure, right?

No really. When hubby and I moved in together three days after our wedding, I stood in my kitchen and was overcome by excitement. Excitement of what was to become my platform to create warm, hearty and good meals. Excitement of the memories I would create through my meals.

I cooked what would be our first meal together as husband and wife. I have never looked back.

Throughout the years, I have fallen more and more in love with making food that I decided to do it professionally.

In 2020, I will graduate as a Chef after a gruelling year of study that was 2019.

In comes Duenna’s Kitchen.

I started this blog because I wanted to share my food journey, stories and memories.

Looking forward to sharing, learning and hopefully entertaining you.


Yours Truly: Duenna Mathebula – Mambana
Duenna’s Kitchen

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  1. Tarshine says:

    Been following your blog and proud of you. Keep up the good work and loving what you do. Been developing a passion of cooking and trying to play with foodo, just need a coach and a mentor.


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