How I made chicken work

One of the reasons I decided to go into catering is that I love cooking for people.

The thing though, about cooking for people, is that they all love different things and have differing tastes when it comes to what they like to eat.

Take chicken for example…


Personally, when I think chicken [breasts] two dishes come to mind; butter chicken and sweet/sour chicken strips.

I recently decided to make a dish that kind of resembles the two, but would also be enjoyed by my husband, who is not into either of those.

Thanks to the sun-dried tomatoes, amasi and mayonnaise I added halfway through the dish, It was a hit.


I actually regretted not having made more.

I served the dish with Basmati rice and fresh salad for my husband. I had mine on a ciabatta roll. We all went to bed happy.


For me cooking is about giving people everyday food that taste better than they expected. Taste that will stay with them for sometime after they have eaten.

I had ordered butter chicken at a number of restaurants serving Indian cuisine, but because it is not to the taste of my family I knew I had to find a compromise. This dish represents that for me.

I am more than happy to make this for you and your family. Call me up. Anytime.

xoxo, D


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