My love for Salmon

I can’t really say I love seafood.

In fact, as far as seafood goes, I am very picky.

And of those that I do eat, I still prefer it to be home cooked, by myself. LOL, weird right. I know.


When eating out, I hardly order seafood because at times the stuff is not cooked to my taste anyway.

I feel like am expected to eat it because the chef believes it is how it must be enjoyed.

At times I just want to have stuffed calamari with without worrying about all the fancy shandis that are supposed to come with it. At times I just want to eat my fish the way I want, maybe with a cucumber and mango salsa and no lemon butter sauce.

Take Salmon for example.  My all-time favourite [fish].


I can have salmon grilled, steamed and baked, anytime of the day.

I love to cook food that looks great and tastes delicious. So I make up my own rules and cooking methods that work for me.

I baked this salmon in foil seasoned with some black pepper and chili beef flavoured Aromat.


I served my fish with Parmesan cheese and cream potatoes, mashed and slightly pan-fried it with a fresh salad. Also made a stock reduction to go with accompany such.

As always, I do hope the post inspires you not shy away from exploring with your dishes.

It is after all, your kitchen..

xoxo, D


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