My one-pot wonder

Not sure about anybody else out there, but preparing supper a day before grocery shopping can be a pain.

Almost, if not all, my fresh supplies have run out by this time [usually days before payday.

One could easily grab some pizza or fried chicken on the way home, yes. But I prefer to still make supper for the family.


I never run out of Basmati rice. I always make sure I have enough of it because I like how it easily works with most of my dishes. And this dish was one was no exception.

I used beef patties [home-made], yellow peppers, red onion, very little carrot and sun dried tomatoes. And I had some Boerewors in the freezer, so it also came to the party.

I seriously believe that had I put the ingredients together and threw in a bowl not many would want to eat it despite the aroma from all the spices inviting you.


I had initially planned to make meatballs, but am glad I didn’t.

The next time I made this dish I used a pork fillet at the bottom, crusted in coriander, it worked really well with the rice.

The only other time I made a one-pot meal before this was chicken ala King from Ina Paarman’s Supper’s Up book. I was not this good.

I guess am more comfortable making and learning from my own mistakes in my kitchen.

xoxo, MrsM.



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