Breakfast: The Open Sandwhich

Mornings are not really my favourite time of the day.

The only reason I look forward to mornings, sometimes, is breakfast.

It takes me a good hour or so before am fully awake. Now this means by the time I have to make breakfast am either still half awake or in the process thereof.

I often have to come up with ways to deliver healthy, uncomplicated and quick meals at breakfast.


As a journalist, my job revolves around deadlines. I always work out my schedule to allow me to meet sources and contacts earlier in the day and leave the writing for the afternoon which is when I flow better. Could also be something in the pressure? Maybe.

LOL even my blog posts go up just before midnight.

I made these Baked Oat bars for a food tasting and have never looked back. I serve them with jam. Yum!! Pardon the bad quality pic.

I was on a tight schedule for the past four weekends. With back-to-back events to cater for and a Sunday School outing I hardly had time to can make big meals for the men in my house.

Despite these, I wanted to make sure my husband and two-year-old son were fed before I left home :-).

In comes the “open sandwich”.

Made this a day or so after using Ciabatta bread with some added chakalaka to the toppings.

Born somewhere between the madness of menu creation and cooking, this allowed me to offer my family a warm hearty breakfast which was ready in under 10 minutes.

For my serving, I simply added another slice of bread on top to make for easy eating while en-route to a food delivery.

For this recipe I only needed

  • Some free range eggs
  • Good quality bread [which I toasted]
  • Baked beans
  • Sausages
  • Hickory ham


The recipe will follow soon in the My Everyday Kitchen section.

xoxo, D



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