When Entertaining…

As a caterer it goes without saying that I love cooking for people.

I love serving up what I call heart on a plate. Am no Chef Benny or Siba, but I sure know how to whip up a meal that remains in people’s minds long after they’ve eaten.




The so-called seven colours meal has become a staple in many South African homes.

In many black households across the country Sunday afternoons are all about family time.

We make a big deal out of our Sunday kos.

I hardly have time to cook large feasts for my family on a Sunday so I find ways to make up for it during the week when am not as busy.

On a Sunday afternoon Am usually happy with one meat dish, one starch, two veggies.


However, when we have guests over for a lunch or dinner I do my best to serve the Duenna’s Kitchen version of the popular 7 seven colours meal.

I recently served a warm salad with boiled egg, peas, carrot, mushroom and dressed in mayonnaise.

I also served greens wrapped in bacon. This recipe was a courtesy of Siba Mtongana.

When in-laws came to visit me last month I served roasted veggies, sweetcorn, creamed spinach and a fresh salad.


I usually serve these with Basmati rice and two meat dishes.


Time permitting, I will soon post recipes of those salads.


A great week to you and yours.




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