Dee and the Dumpling

So, if you have dined at my house or any of the events I have catered for you would know by now that dumpling is one of my signature dishes.

I serve my dumpling with just about anything depending on the season as well as time of day that it is eaten.

Most cooks have that one dish they swear by. That one dish they have probably made more times than they can actually remember. That one signature dish or recipe they can make even in their sleep.

For me, that dish is the dumpling.

Seen  here is the dumpling served with one of my meat dishes; Chicken livers with caramelized onion cooked in red wine.

Growing up, I watched my aunt (my dad’s brother’s wife) make dombolo (dumpling).

She may not even remember it, but I was always intrigued by how she would steam the dish sometimes in a plastic bag and other times in an enamel dish.

The Dumpling

When making my version of the dish I would sometimes experiment and add different flavours to make it my own.

I tried things like instant custard powder, grated veggies and buttermilk. At times I even tried butter.

To add a fresh element to the dish, I added radish, cucumber, red onion and some pear.

Am happy today to say that I have found the right balance and combination.

My dumpling has made its way into many people’s tummies and hearts.

The reaction is always amazing, every time.


I don’t always have dumpling on the menu when am approached to cook for people, but it is usually demanded by clients. Which is an amazing feeling I tell you.

I hope one day I will be able to share with you the recipe for this dish, but for now it remains a closely guarded secret.


Love and Light to you and yours.




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