Dinner for three…

There is no doubt in my mind that my two-year-old son is not the only child in the world that hates eating veggies.


As his mommy I have the lovely job of making sure he eats healthily.

Although I hardly have time to plate up veggies to look like a ship or an animal, I make time to ensure that veggies taste and look interesting enough to eat.

I cook for three people being the husband, our son and myself.

Just like my son, the baby daddy, my husband, is not big on veggies either. Who can blame them?

Roasted leg of lamb crusted with black pepper.

Take broccoli for example, after steaming it in garlic and stock infused water I serve with meat dishes like stew.

This way the bold flavours from the stew will overpower  the veggies.

Apart from fighting with my toddler about his veggies, I offer him a little peanut butter with his carrot and celery sticks. It has worked for me thus far.


Instead of serving him slap chips (fries), which he loves so much, I make him julienne cut apples.

Am no expert in baby feeding, but with advice from my favourite baby nurse,I have managed to find what works for me.


My son eats what we eat. He sits around the table with us. I find that it is a lot easier for him to try new flavours because his parents are also eating the same thing.

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God Bless.






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