What’s for dinner?

American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said music is a universal language.

While I don’t dispute that in anyway, I believe that food is just as much of a universal language as music is. Maybe even more.


Everybody has to eat. Our varying cultures and backgrounds may influence what we eat from time to time, but food is a language we all “speak”.

I always like to try out new dishes and put a twist to old favourites.

Meal planning is key.

For many women or anyone who cooks, whether for a family of friends, the question, “What’s for dinner?” might not be the easiest to answer.
Some days you know exactly what is you are going to make and others you are clueless.
In some cases you just don’t even feel like cooking at all.

I can relate. I know the feeling all too well.


But perhaps meal planning can be just the thing you need…

You do not need a refrigerator  packed with fancy goodies to be able to serve up what I call love on a plate.
I find that I get more creative with my dishes closer to month end. When the groceries cupboard is almost empty I find that’s when I come up with more surprising dishes.

If you have, for example, only cabbage left in your veggie rack, get creative with it.
Explore other ways to prepare it.
Make coleslaw today. Tomorrow fry (sauté) it. The day after that add a little minestrone soup. And if you have to make coleslaw again, use yogurt instead of mayonnaise.
Get creative.

Am no expert as far as kiddies nutrition is concerned, but I do know that moms struggle with this task.


It usually seems easier to give them a R20 pocket money and trust that they will grab something to eat at the tuck shop.
Well, no.

You need to plan ahead for those lunch tins. Planning makes a world of difference

From the day you buy groceries, you must factor your child’s lunch.
These little ones spend most of their time at school and you need to make sure they are well taken care of as far as nutrition is concerned.

The next post will have more on Lunchbox ideas and recipes for kiddies sandwiches.

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xoxo, MrsM



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