Is that romance on a plate?

Compliments of the new season family and welcome to 2017.

They say rather late than never, right?

Valentine’s Day is almost just around the corner.

I know a lot of people refuse to acknowledge or celebrate the day. Arguing that everyday should be Valentine’s Day.

Well, am a sucker for celebrations. I’ll take any excuse to dress up, eat a good meal and receive gifts.

If you’re like me and are looking forward to February 14, keep reading.

I have some ideas on how to treat your special significant other without breaking the bank.

As much as I love and enjoy eating out, I still appreciate a home cooked meal. Even better when it’s made by someone special.

Personally I have not decided what I will serve on the day. Or where I will be. But I have put together a list of meals to hopefully, give you an idea on what to make.
Valentines Day meal ideas:

1. Chicken Schnitzel

This is very quick and also budget friendly main. I love it because it’s also light and allows for that extra special dessert, you know, to end the night on a high note.

2. Creamy Beef Stroganoff
This beautiful one pot wonder also follows in the footsteps of the Schnitzel, but other than being light and all, it will make you look like Gordon Ramsay. It looks so complicated, yet so easy to make.

3. Steak and Veggies

Am sure by now you know am all for easy, practical and budget friendly cooking. It’s amazing how salt and pepper can transform a piece of steak to restaurant quality. But don’t kill the poor meat. Best steak is that cooked medium.

4. Baked hake with fresh lemon

This dish is just what it says. Hake, sliced lemons on top and you’re done. The taste, however, will have taste buds dancing.

5. Stewed Beef Shin cooked in Red Wine

If you’re like me and love soul food, then this dish is for you. It works well with dumplings and rice.

Click here for recipes to these and more meals.
I know we all have a creative Gordon Ramsay or a Siba in us. Hence these are only guidelines. I hope to inspire you to pick up your apron and get those knives out. Happily cooking.


2 thoughts on “Is that romance on a plate?

  1. Hi Duenna I tried my level best to access all your recipes bt I failed,with due respect can you pls help me to access them my dear because you are the world best chef .Thank you in advance . Hoping to hear from you very soon. Best wishes. Minah.


    1. Hello Mainah. Pardon the delayed response.
      I have since updated the recipes tab and uploaded recipes to a coupla dishes. More to come soon.
      I’ve also sent you an email.


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