How Retrenchment Made Me Better

Huffington Post South Africa, the publication I worked for, recently closed its doors which meant myself and other colleagues had to be retrenched.

Those who know me will know how, for the longest time, I have toyed with the idea of pursuing cooking on a full-time basis. I mean, I although I knew I wanted to go professional (and train as a chef), I was too scared to leave my job as journalist and become a student, grow my food business — pop up restaurants, private cooking and blogging and catering at some point.

Writing this today, after my departure, I can’t shake off the feeling of relief — knowing that come February I’ll be donning my chef whites and walking into a classroom to train as a professional chef — a dream that has been so long in the making that at some point seemed like it was not going to come true.

All the tears and anxiety that follow after losing a job, I had them. The sleepless nights filled with worry, that too was my portion.

But not for too long…

Trust me, it took tears, panic attacks and a lot of talking to from my husband, my parents and friends for me to get to the space I’m in.

I have also recently had a baby girl. A highlight that changed a lot of things and put even more things to perspective.

Come June 2019 I’ll be turning 30 (years old) that for me means am getting older (obvs). On a more serious note though, 30 means I can no longer settle for just any job — it means going and grabbing exactly what I want, the kind of stuff my dreams are made of. I mean I now have two mini humans looking up to me.

You often get told; “reset, readjust, restart, refocus as many times as you need to, but trust me, it ain’t all so easy to do which is why am ever so grateful to the people in my life who’ve anchored and held my hand through this time.

A special shout out to the man of my dreams, my husband and father to my children, for holding me down no matter what. You’re the real MVP.

With that said kids, losing my job taught me that nothing is forever. As cheesy as it may sound, I’ve also learnt to not give up on my dreams.

(Almost) Chef Duenna 🙂


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