Making Mince

Growing up, I never liked cheese. In hindsight, I think my body’s intolerance to it contributed to my dislike of it.

As I grow and my palate develops I find that I am more interested in trying out foods that I was not able to.

Nearly three months ago when I was in the labour ward (story for another day) at the Netcare Parklane Hospital my husband left to go get us some lunch. I asked him to get me a mince sandwich with cheese. His response? “Since when do you take cheese?” I told him to rather  buy me something else partly because I was worried I would not have been able to eat it but also partly because I was upset — I mean how dare he try dictate what I feel like eating at the time (my pregnant brain thought).

I’m yet to meet a person who does not like quick meals. Unless you’re me (or any other chef or cook out there), the you probably like spending as little time as possible in the kitchen.


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