Christmas For A Makoti In Bushbuckridge  

The silly season is upon us and so is the season for giving and sharing. It is during this time that women also get together to share stokvel savings as well as celebrate another successful year. Men get together to catch up around the braai or over a soccer match. I am a makoti and…

One-pot Wonders

Not sure about anybody else out there, but preparing supper just before grocery shopping can be a pain. This is usually some days before payday where fresh supplies in the pantry have either run out or almost wilted. One could easily grab some pizza or fried chicken on the way home, yes. But I prefer…

My love for Salmon

I baked this salmon in foil seasoned with some black pepper and chili beef flavoured Aromat.

Meal planning

I love planning and managing events. I successfully planned a few weddings in the last five years including my own. I am no different when it comes to food. I plan every meal that comes out of my kitchen. By Monday morning I already know what will be for supper on Thursday. It’s a habit I…

How I made chicken work

Personally, when I think chicken [breasts] two dishes come to mind; butter chicken and sweet/sour chicken strips.