Getting through January…

Happy 2016 everybody and compliments. All the best to you and yours for the new year.

It is said January is the longest month mostly because companies pay salaries mid-December and then only at the end of January.


For me it’s a little different. Am usually exhausted in January. Mainly because during the holidays I have to do makoti duties. Am usually on my feet before everyone wakes up and only hit the sack once everyone has gone to sleep.


Long story short, in January I make quick and easy meals to ensure am out of the kitchen as soon as possible.

I also make sure they are cost effective. That they save me money. LOL remember what I said about the salaries?

One of those meals was my Creamy chicken livers with garlic and white wine vinegar.

My husband is a lover of pap. To this end, when I prepare my meat dishes I make sure they can work with more than one starch product.


So, yes I served the livers on pap and then made mini chicken liver pies with the same livers for the non-pap lovers, Me.

This meal cost me less than R50 to make. LOL I know it doesn’t look like it right? Thanks. 🙂

Some of my meal ideas for this month include:

  • Pork Fillet with roasted veggies Under R100 to make.
  • Pap, sheba sauce and grilled Pork chops Under R70 to make
  • Spagetti and Meatballs Under R60 to make.

I will soon post pictures and later on recipes of these.

That, y’all, is nearly a quarter of my January meal planning.

May the year be beautiful and productive.